EVGA & Intel's Frosty's Revenge!

Season's Greetings to all, Winter is coming, and in some parts of the world, Winter is already here!  In order to keep you safe from the cold, EVGA & Intel brings you Frosty's Revenge!    This winters all out gaming event on the EVGA gaming servers!  Whether your pretending to throw snowballs at the opposite team in Battlefield, protecting your team from the invasion o... [More]


One of the most anticipated and talked about games is finally available.  Released on November 18th, the third game in the series,  Dragon Age:  Inquisition promises to be the best one yet.  The game will be running off the Frostbite 3 engine, adding to the next generation of graphics and bringing the land of Thedas to life.  As you wield the power of the Inquisition ... [More]

Battlefield 4 - Final Stand DLC Release

The release date for Battlefield 4's last official DLC called Final Stand was confirmed and is set to go live on November 18th, 2014!The DLC will include the following 4 new and unique maps:Operation WhiteoutHammerheadGiants of KareliaHanger 21In order to ensure you have access to the new DLC, you need to have Battlefield 4 Premium Membership purchased for your EA account.  So make sure you d... [More]

Cosplay at Blizzcon 2014

Did you check out the cosplay at Blizzcon? Since the last Blizzon was back in 2012, Cosplayers had plenty of time to get ready. Although the top four winners were from World of Warcraft the other genres had plenty of support. Here are some pictures from the awesome event.Source:BlizzCon 2014 Contest Winners. (2014, November 11). Retrieved from http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/blog/16668521/blizzco... [More]

Blizzard Entertainments: Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainments newest title was announce at BlizzCon on Friday, November 7th called:  Overwatch.   Overwatch is an arena style action game where 2 opposing teams are matched together on what looks to be different style maps and team-based objectives.   So far, only 2 team-based objectives have been announced:   Payload and Point CaptureNow as with any team based a... [More]

EVGA & Intel's October Feast Winners Announced!!!

The end of the October Feast has come, and with it the announcement of the prize winners!!!  To check and see if you are one of the lucky ones to win a prize, head on over to the October Feast article page and take a look!If your name appears as one of the winners, please make sure to email webmaster@evga.com by 11/21/14 to claim your prize. Be sure your EVGA profile is up to date with t... [More]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Greetings Gamers, Well its the beginning of November again, and you know what that means?   Call of Duty!   This year Activision has been promoting the their new addition to the CoD family:  Advanced Warfare.  Officially released November 3rd, 2014 on all consoles and PC.Call of Duty:  Advanced Warfare takes in mid-21st century in futuristic Seoul, South Korea.  ... [More]